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The Big Isle of Wight Adventure

Have you ever wondered how much fun can be had on the Isle of Wight? "Zebby" our 1973 VW classic and "Isla" our modern VW T5 campervan were very fortunate to go on the Big IOW Adventure with a group of friends from the South Coast. If you're looking for good fun and great food then the Isle of Wight has it all and travelling and staying in one of our seven campervans is the perfect way to get around to do it all.

The videos below start with a trailer for the 3 days of fun filled adventure and then each day has it's own movie. We hope that you enjoy watching and keep an eye out for "Zebby" and "Isla". Jubee and I even make a very brief appearance at the end of Day 3!


The Big IOW Adventure Trailer


The Big IOW Adventure Day 1

The Big IOW Adventure Day 2

The Big IOW Adventure Day 3


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