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Autumn 2018

Dylan T5 long wheel base with Wallas XC Duo

We've had a lovely summer and the vans have all been very busy on their Isle of Wight Adventures. Isla had a great week travelling down to Lands End too and next week Isla is off for another new adventure. This time though she gets to go on two ferries with the race track at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium as her destination.


We are open until November this year and we have lots of Autumn availability so give us a call and we can be as flexible as you would like. As the weather gets cooler, we are also getting excited again about the Wallas XC Duo heater that we installed into Dylan during his conversion. All of our vans have small electric fan heaters that work when plugged into power at a campsite so they can keep you nice and cosy. The benefit of the Wallas XC Duo is that it can keep you warm if you are down by the beach or if you have opted for a wild camp spot without power then you can still stay warm overnight.

We still have October half-term availability too so get on the phone and give us a call to chat about which van would be best for your Isle of Wight Campervan Holiday.

If you are more interested in a 2019 holiday then we are also taking bookings now so to secure your hire dates get in touch as soon as you can.

Zebby our 1973 VW camper enjoying the beauty of the Isle of Wight

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