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If you are sailing into Bembridge, you can now go and explore the whole Isle of Wight with "Rav" our newest addition to our hire fleet.


About Rav

Born in 2013, "Rav" is the latest

addition to our hire fleet.  


 Rav joined our fleet of VW campervans in

 2022 and he can't wait to show up to 5 passengers the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Rav offers a comfortable and relaxing way of touring the Island, whether it's for sightseeing or just to run a few errands whilst on the Island.

"Rav" is dog friendly thanks to a large boot which we have protected

with a waterproof liner.

Available for hire from Camper HQ on the St Helens Duver, "Rav" is ideally suited to offer visitors to Bembridge Harbour a fun way of enjoying the lovely Isle of Wight

Day Hire

9am - 5pm


Week Hire

7 Nights


24 Hour Hire

9am - 9am


3+ Nights

Flexible timings to suit you

£70 per 24hrs

Weekend Hire

Friday 9am - Sunday 5pm


Day Hire

9am - 5pm


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