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Looking forward to the Summer..

Well, we are all hoping that travel and tourism in the UK will be given the green light from July 4th subject to the Government's requirements being met. We are certainly lining up to have the fleet ready to go with our Covid-19 plan in place.

We are taking summer bookings for any date after July 4th on the basis that where a deposit is paid, if you are unable to come to the Isle of Wight due to Government Guidance or where you have to self-isolate to protect the spread of Covid-19, we will retain your deposit for your future use. We are going to be asking for balances 2 weeks prior to hire and if during this period, self-isolation is required or the rules change, you have the option to roll your balance over to when you can come or we will refund you your balance payment and book you new dates with your retained deposit. We must protect the Isle of Wight from Covid-19 so if you feel that you may be a carrier then we will rearrange your hire without any quibble.

From our side, we will be employing extra help this summer so that the campers can have a dedicated clean for 3-4 hours. We will replace the self-catering invent with a full set that has not been used by the previous client. When we give our orientations we will wear a face covering and disposable gloves to protect ourselves and you.

Please just remember that if you have a booking with us and you feel that you may have been in contact with someone that has Covid-19 or you are showing symptoms, we would rather postpone your hire and lose the immediate income rather than have Covid-19 being brought to the Isle of Wight.

We hope that you and your families are all well and we look forward to hearing from you.


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