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The Elvis has Landed

On Tuesday 2nd March 2021, we had the pleasure of picking up our newest addition to the Isle of Wight Campers Fleet. A quick trip down to Poole and we found ourselves enjoying our orientation to Elvis from Sev at the Motorhome Dealer Group..

Elvis is our Chausson C646 Motorhome and we have brought him into the fleet to give our clients a slightly larger living option that has it's own shower and loo facilities. Elvis can be driven on a standard full licence and at only 6.30 m in length, he isn't ridiculously long and he drives really easily. If you've ever hired a large van to move stuff around, then you'll feel very confident in Elvis and for those taking Elvis for a mainland adventure you'll hardly notice that you are driving a motorhome. Well, that is until you get to a roundabout!

A few hours later and we were heading home with Elvis on possibly his first adventure to the Isle of Wight. Elvis was privately owned from new for just over a year. Maybe he already knows his way to the Island. We are very glad to have him, that's something that we do know. We love the fact that every MDG Motorhome has their very own Monkey Buddy. Will he simply be called "Monkey"? Only time will tell....

To learn more about Elvis and to see more pictures, click here. We can't wait for Campsites to open on April 12th 2021. We have every plan to get out and about in him and to learn every system so that we can give our clients a great and helpful handover. Don't worry, you won't have to remember everything as we will also be providing a full photo laden manual to accompany Elvis and Monkey on their Adventures..

One last note. We have put Elvis onto a Monday and Friday schedule however, where we can, we are more than Happy to be flexible with his start days. A Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday would be preferable but give us a call on 01983 642143 and we can chat all about your upcoming adventure and when works best for you.

Chausson C646 Layout


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