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Onwards and Upwards in 2020

Look who's joining in on the fun in 2020.

Isla, Zebby and Brian at St Helens Beach Isle of Wight

Introducing "Brian the Defender", our newest addition to the Isle of Wight Campers fleet. Ok, so he's not a camper, but we are really excited to have our first Land Rover Defender available for you to come and enjoy on your Island adventure. All the details and pricing will be available on the website this December but the main objective of Brian will be to offer Isle of Wight residents and visitors a fun and sturdy day hire adventure vehicle. If you want to use him for longer than a day then no problem.

"Brian - Defender of Wight" (ok, so we may be going a little far with that name) is a 2005 Land Rover Defender 110 crew cab pickup. He can seat 5 and take all of your gear in the rear.

Stay tuned for more info in the next month.


We've got a new Camper HQ too!

Possibly bigger news than Brian, is the fact that we've moved Camper HQ to the beautiful St Helens Duver. If you'd like to know what a Duver is, then click on the picture of the fairy tree above and Wikipedia will reveal all.

We are really happy to be in our new home and right next to Bembridge Harbour and St Helens Beach. We can still pick clients up from Ryde and we have a couple of great new neighbours who can really add to your Isle of Wight adventure.

Tackt-Isle have a plethora of water and land based equipment for rent and with their highly experienced team of instructors you can learn to make the most of your time having fun on the water. Have a go at Kayaking, Sailing, Paddle Boarding or you can even have a blast on a sand yacht!

If you'd like to learn how to drive a Personal Watercraft (aka - a Jet Ski) or drive a RIB (aka - a Boat) then look no further than Bembridge Powerboat Training. If you don't want to learn, then you can always just go for a ride in one of their fast RIB's. Check out their website to learn more.

From May to September we are also very close to Sally's Riding School which operates from Nodes Point so if you would like to ride a horse on the beach then you know who to contact.

We are now also within easy walking distance of the The Baywatch Cafe and The Duver Cafe so if you get to us a little early then you can always find somewhere to enjoy some food before your adventure begins.

We can't wait for the sun to shine in 2020 and we are always ready to answer your questions on the phone so if you'd like to know more about a Campervan or Land Rover Adventure on the Isle of Wight, just call us on 01983 642143.


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