2023 and a few changes ahead...

By the time that the 2023 season starts, we'll have been running Isle of Wight Campers for 9 seasons. We're not going anywhere, but we are going to scale back the availability of hires so that we can continue to enjoy operating our business.

Who's going to be available and when?

Zebby - 1973 Classic VW T2 - Monday at 2pm to Friday at 10am

Dougal - 1973 Classic VW T2 - Friday at 2pm to Monday at 10am

Isla - 2013 manual VW T5 LWB - Monday at 2pm to Friday at 10am

Dylan - 2010 automatic VW T5 LWB - Friday at 2pm to Monday at 10am

Elvis - Flexible start days with a 3 night minimum.

In simple terms, this means that the campers are never completely run off their feet, and we hope that the same will be able to apply to us too.

If you are looking to hire a few campers and travel around the Isle of Wight in a convoy with friends, then please feel free to enquire, as we will always continue to be flexible and accommodating, where possible.

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